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The company was founded in 1990 as ET “Caecilia-Rosen Ivanov”, that was restructured as ROSSI VENDING EOOD in 2006                   
At the very beginning it dealt with coffee-machines for the places of entertainment, it started coffees vending machines importing and their exploitation from 1998 as well. We extended the activity of the company with an import of spare parts for vending machines in 2003.  In 2007 we successfully developed a section of “Lavazza Capsules” as well.


caldyРегионът, в който се отглежда кафето оказва голямо влияние върху определянето на неговия вкус – местната почва, климат и метод на обработка, използвани в култивирането заедно оказват влияние върху отличителния вкус  per saperne di piu...

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Машина Lavazza Matine за капсула поинт
  втора употреба per saperne di piu...


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